Artists Bio

I studied illustration and fine art at college, I got really good at painting and drawing, I enjoyed anything where I could play with line and block, graphic shapes, I especially loved (and still do) working on studying the human form and simplifying shapes right down. I moved simultaneously into illustration, as I love working with 2d images, and keeping a daily drawing/painting practice, and fine art as I wanted to be able to express my ideas about the world and my efforts to do it though obvious visual narrative in illustration didn’t always work for me. Around the same time I started teaching art and crafts in the community so I became proficient with lots of different mediums. When these connected I found my form of expression , through the emotional connection and personal symbolism of materials and through falling in love with the work of Rebecca Horne, Joseph Beuyes and Carl Jung.

In my illustration paractice I am meditative and playful, drawing, painting with gouache, and any kind of visual mark making, is a small portion of each day where I get to ignore my chronic illness symptoms and focus on making an image. I love it, and in the last few years especially, I've become pretty successful in it too, taking on commisions, collaborations  and opportunities that fit around my health and chronic fatigue, and working on my own projects.

In my fine art I’m interested in everyday materials and their significance, often mixing conceptual or more traditionally “high brow” art techniques or ideas with cheaper materials used in craft, it’s a precarious balancing act to get right and takes a lot of experimentation but subtly highlights stigma around materials that have been relegated as “women’s handicraft projects” whilst trying to reclaim some of the importance of expression in those materials back from the liberty prints and ironic tea cosy’s of the gentrification of craft.

I play with sentimental attachment to found objects and the impact of items left with a “residue” from traumatic or emotional events, or that symbolise them. My art practice is informed by my rituals in secular witchcraft as a way of processing issues I have around my physical disability and grief of my father. Collecting, organising and logging is a key part of my work and day to day process as I channel my compulsive OCD into art.

Artist C.V

  • 2004-2008 Organising and running workshops with

  • the Creative Collective at Lincoln Library,

  • The Waterfront festival

  • and for Lincoln City Council

  • 2004-2008 Running workshops with the Free Fall Fairys for Ecofest, Small World Festival, Global Village peace gathering and the Northern Green Gathering

  • 2010 Exhibitor and live performance art at In Vitro gallery’s body art exhibition

  • 2013-2016 running international artist collaboration and community workshop "the fantabulous travelling steamunk yarnbomb project."

  • 2014 Recycled fashion commission for West Lyndsay District Council

  • 2014 Costume commission for Southend theatre-crochet pattern design

  • 2014 Historical fashion illustration for Clockwork Chronicle magazine

  • 2015 illustrations for Svan Darc's “Penny a Purge” ep

  • 2016 Live public art performance for Nottingham Street Art Festival opening

  • 2016 Award winner at Surface Gallery’s street art exhibition

  • 2016 Collaborated on Moon video piece with G(irl)

  • 2017 ALE zine- cover illustration

  • 2017 Blackout Poem for Weird Garden zine

  • 2017 Running X-Church guerilla craft project

  • 2017 organiser, model and artist on cirque de doodles life drawing with zig-zag club

  • 2017 Live public art performance for Nottingham Street Art Festival opening

  • 2017  Largescale floor mural painting commission for Cafe Shanti

  • 2017  Ran sketch club and gave workshop on using sigils in ritual art at Scratchy Pens events

  • 2018  ALE zine-cover illustration

  • 2018  Collaborated with ceramic artist Raissa Watkiss on "Idea" exhibited Lincoln and London

  • 2019  CATCH-22 piece in Esoterica zine

  • 2019  CATCH-22 piece exhibited at Art Isn't Sexy's networking event

  • 2019  Exhibited at The Point Artspace

  • 2019  CATCH-22 piece exhibited at the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham with City Arts Notts

  • 2019  Exhibited and sold at group show INTRINSIC- pride

  • 2019  Artwork featured in Sick Magazines' 2020 calendar

  • 2020  Digital illustration for Business Pony

  • 2020  CATCH-22 piece in zine for NoJobsInTheArts

  • 2021  Trans day of visibility commision for Attenborough Arts Centre

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